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Facebook Advertising Services in Delhi India

“You Are Not Booked, If It Is Not Facebook”

Facebook is a social networking site where millions of users are now have been active, earlier using it for just socializing but now for promotion as well. It hasnot only remained a great place to share ideas and thoughts, but its importance has suddenly changed 360 degrees, as it is also a great place to advertise too.

Yes, Facebook has powerfully emerged as a tool to promote, share, sell, and advertise your business in no expenses, but still you need a master, and this is the point where Facebook Ninja like us arrives.

We understand the need for our clients and know that how Facebook advertising services are the great way to quench their thirst.


If you hire us, you are already half a mile ahead!!

What we do, we are good at it!

We design a Facebook advertising page in such a way that it suits the services provided by you, thusattractingthe target audience. We present the Facebook ads of your business in a stylish manner, but the price remains affordable because we know that it could be just your startup.

Our Facebook advertisement is unique from other firms as they are not only very colorful and stylish but informative too. It is so well researched that it makes the perfect advertising on Facebook.

How do we do this for you?

  • We first find as well as target your audience incorporating cost to Ads as well as estimated audience size.
  • We design, create,and maintain your Facebook page as per your business needs.
  • We use all the images for the ads on Facebook along certain excellent ideas, whichare basically designed to target your prospective users.
  • We also use a combination of Google analytics as well as Facebook Insights in order to reportbackon the progress of the campaign in detail.
  • We update you via ROI performance reports by giving the conversion rate with respect to the exact expenditure.
  • Facebook advertising services are a great way to create awareness by engaging in the old and new customers to the business Facebook page. The engaging activities can be by placing videos, photos or organizing a quiz.So,

    “It is basically the engagement you desire and we are here to fulfill!”